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Who are the Top Female Twitch Streamers?


With over 15 million daily active users, Twitch continues to highlight just how large the online gaming community is and how huge the superstars are in the eyes of their fans. Live streams get thousands upon thousands of views, they share all types of content from video games, to comedy, and even tips on building or buying gaming PCs. The gaming fanatics don’t mind making time for even the longest streams, and Twitch currently has an astonishing 140 million unique monthly visitors.

One common misconception about the gaming community is that it is entirely male dominated. On the contrary, 41% all gamers are now female. However, much of the streaming activity on Twitch is male generated.


top female twitch streamers


But all of this is set to change in the coming years, as more female gamers emerge and even start to dominate some games. This changing reality has seen the popularity of female streamers grow, especially on platforms such as Twitch.

With the emergence of more female superstars, there is also a greater variety of voices available on Twitch, and by extension the gaming community at large. While the space is still dominated by the dudes, the gap is shrinking, which is why now is a good time to have a look at the top female influencers on the platform.


List of 50 Top Female Twitch Streamers


  1. Pokimane – 8.1 million followers 

The 25-year-old Pokimane (Imane Anys) is one of top female Twitch streamers and a true Twitch celebrity. Her channel is the sixth most followed on the platform, and it is not difficult to see why. She broadcasts high-quality video game content from a variety of games, with particular focus on her two favorites, League of Legends and Fortnite. Her gaming dominance saved her from a career in chemical engineering, as her CV continues to grow. It was therefore no surprise that she won the 2017 Shorty Award for best Twitch streamer of the year. She is also a huge YouTube star who runs five channels and has recently been cast to appear in her first movie, alongside Ryan Reynolds. As if that is not impressive enough, she has also recently joined the fashion brand Cloak as a partner and creative director.


top female twitch streamers


  1. Amouranth – 3.9 million followers 

The controversial Amouranth (Caitlin Siragusa) is one of top female Twitch streamers and a Twitch anomaly; she is the most followed Twitch user who is not a gamer. She has attracted her fair share of haters, who managed to get her suspended from the platform for her raunchy content. However, she laughed them off and only said that they serve to amplify her posts.

Top Female Twitch Streamers


  1. Loserfruit – 2.6 million followers 

Australian Kathleen Belsten is one of top female Twitch streamers and a multi-platform online celebrity. She specializes in Fortnite and was only the second streamer after Ninja to receive her own skin in that game. She also takes time away from the game to get herself into shape, as evidenced by her elf cosmetics brand and Gymshark fitness apparel sponsorships. She also runs a few YouTube accounts and is known for her hilarious content.


Top Female Twitch Streamers


  1. IamCristinini – 2.3 million followers 

IamCristinini is one of top female Twitch streamers and the most-watched female Spanish language streamer on the platform. She specializes in Grand Theft Auto V and also does a lot of Just Chatting stuff. In addition, she is also a model, presenter, video game host, YouTube star and Instagram star. Her creative approach to sharing her content has earned her a large number of brand endorsements.


  1. LilyPichu – 2.2 million followers 

Lily Ki is one of top female Twitch streamers and she is much more than just a celebrity on this platform; Lily is a full-blown Internet personality, along with an acclaimed musician and voice artist. She first came to stardom when her parody songs became hits on YouTube. Her first EP, Lilies, was released in 2015. She has also released several singles. In addition, she has voiced a number of video game and Anime characters. It is therefore hardly surprising that she was nominated for a Shorty Award in 2020.


  1. Nihachu – 2.2 million followers 

Niki is one of top female Twitch streamers, a German content creator, and shares gaming (Minecraft) and Just Chatting live streams. She has lived in Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Austria, and as a result can speak German, English, and Spanish fluently. Nihachu is also an online role model who has shared her struggles with eating disorders and body dysmorphia to help others who battle the same conditions. She often participates in Minecraft championships.


  1. Chica – 2.0 million followers 

Maria Lopez is one of top female Twitch streamers who plays Fortnite for her followers. She was one of the fortunate ones who were introduced to gaming by her parents. She plays competitive esports, becoming the first-ever female member of the TSM Esports team. One of the reasons for her massive follower base is that she is one of the very few content creators who streams in two languages, English and Spanish. She also has over a million subscribers on YouTube and 5 million followers on TikTok. Her Instagram and Twitter follower numbers are also impressive. She was a finalist at the 12th annual Shorty Awards.


  1. Staryuuki – 2.0 million followers 

Elizabeth Maria Erigolla is one of top female Twitch streamers who records herself playing Among Us, while also streaming dance, comedy and cosplay feeds to her Spanish-speaking followers. She is a true social media star, with over 6 million followers on TikTok and over 5 million followers on Instagram. The Cuban national continues to be one of the fastest-growing Spanish streamers on Twitch.


  1. Sweet_Anita – 1.7 million followers 

Anita is one of top female Twitch streamers who first came to prominence streaming Overwatch content. Her content is tagged as adult, as her Tourette’s syndrome sometimes has her saying some inappropriate stuff. In addition to her content, Anita is involved in raising awareness about her condition, as well as the risk of online stalkers, having also been subject to online harassment.


  1. JustaMinx – 1.6 million followers 

Becca is one of top female Twitch streamers who shares videos of her collaborations in the Minecraft universe, as well as other funny moments. Although she is a familiar face in the US gaming world, she comes from and lives in Ireland. Despite her popularity, she may not be around forever. She has stated that she would like to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a prison officer.


  1. Pqueen – 1.6 million followers 

Pelin Baynazoğlu  is one of top female Twitch streamers who mainly shares Just Chatting content, but also streams herself playing The Sims 4. She also plays a wide variety of other games to keep it interesting. She is Turkey’s most watched female broadcaster.


  1. Biyin_ – 1.6 million followers 

Another Spanish language streamer who mainly streams Grand Theft Auto V, although she mixes it up with Rust. Biyin is one of top Twitch female streamers with 1.6M followers.


  1. Aroyitt – 1.4 million followers 

Aroyitt is one of top female Twitch streamers who posts many Just Chatting videos, but is also heavy on Rust and Minecraft content.


  1. CaptainPuffy – 1.4 million followers 

Left-handed Cara is one of top female Twitch streamers who mainly streams Among Us and Minecraft content. She is also a big Pokémon fan, and her name is based on the character Jigglypuff. Tests revealed that she has severe protanopia (red-green colorblindness) and she uses her celebrity to raise awareness of her condition.


  1. Alinity – 1.3 million followers 

Colombian Natalia Mogollon is one of top female Twitch streamers and an avid World of Warcraft and Apex Legends streamer. During lockdown, she also started to share cooking-related content. She obtained her nursing degree in Canada. She has been no stranger to controversy over the years, but still maintains a large number of loyal followers.


  1. itsHafu – 1.3 million followers 

Rumay Wang is one of top female Twitch streamers and a former professional player of games such as Bloodline Champions, Hearthstone, and World of Warcraft. As a former tournament player, she now focuses more on live streaming. Recently, her focus has shifted to Among Us. She has also been a vocal advocate against sexual harassment in gaming.


  1. LaChilenaBelu – 1.3 million followers 

LaChilenaBelu is one of top female Twitch streamers who enjoys streaming lifestyle videos to her followers, but is also an avid Counter-Strike: Global Offensive streamer.


  1. Loud_babi – 1.2 million followers 

Portuguese language streamer Bárbara Passos is one of top Twitch female streamers who lives up to her name with loud and animated responses to her streams of Garena Free Fire and Grand Theft Auto V games. This Brazilian may just be the most famous gamer you’ve never heard of, with over 5 million YouTube subscribers to her name and massive follower number across the rest of her social media channels as well.


  1. Gemita – 1.2 million followers 

Spanish social media influencer and gamer Gemma Gallardo is one of top Twitch female streamers who enjoys sharing Grand Theft Auto and Fortnite on her account.


  1. BrookeAB – 1.2 million followers 

Brooke is one of top female Twitch streamers who mainly posts Fortnite streams. Despite her positive demeanor, she revealed last year that she became a victim of online stalking and harassment. The former forensic science and pathology student started off playing Pokémon and steadily gained a huge following. She took some time off after the harassment flared up, but thankfully she’s back stronger than ever.


  1. Kitty Plays – 1.1 million followers 

Kristen Valnicek is one of top female Twitch streamers who is a competitive player in the world of violent video games, but still manages to keep her content positive and upbeat.


  1. STPEACH – 1.1 million followers 

Lisa Vannatta is one of top female Twitch streamers who is a multi-platform celebrity. She got hooked on gaming when she started playing Maplestory in middle school. These days, she focuses mostly on Just Chatting streams, but also indulges in a bit of League of Legends.


  1. HANNAHXXROSE – 1.0 million followers 

Hannah is one of top female Twitch streamers who streams her Minecraft videos to her dedicated followers and is known for her skills in PVP games.


  1. Mayichi – 1.0 million followers 

Mayichi is one of top female Twitch streamers who likes to stream ARK: Survival Evolved and Just Chatting videos in Spanish.


  1. LuluLuvely – 1.0 million followers 

LuluLuvely is one of top female Twitch streamers who is an avid Apex Legends streamer. Recently, she took a long time off from the platform after suffering from online hate. However, fans rallied behind her and sent messages of support, prompting her announcement to return to Twitch.


  1. Fuslie – 990k followers 

Leslie Ann Fu is one of top female Twitch streamers who streams mostly lifestyle videos, but also creates League of Legends content for her gaming organization, 100 Thieves. She earned a degree in biological sciences but then dropped out from her further studies to become a full-time streamer. She is also involved with a number of charities.


  1. BotezLive – 907k followers 

Alexandra Botez is one of top female Twitch streamers who first came to prominence as a five-times Canadian National Girls Chess Champion and still holds the title of Woman FIDE Master. She started streaming chess content while at university and currently runs her Twitch account with her younger sister Andrea. She has been a strong advocate against sexism, which is as prevalent in the chess world as in the gaming world.


  1. xChocoBars – 893k followers (Top Female Twitch Streamers)

Janet Rose is one of top female Twitch streamers who creates content for the Canadian esports organization Luminosity Gaming, focusing mainly on League of Legends, Fortnite, and Teamfight Tactics. She has also been a successful player on the esports circuit.


  1. sashagrey – 892k followers (Top Female Twitch Streamers)

Sasha Grey is one of top Twitch female streamers who is a multitalented writer and DJ who now produces more publishable content after getting her start in the adult film industry. She now creates Just Chatting content alongside play-throughs of games that include The Witcher 3 and Resident Evil 2.


  1. loud_voltan – 864k followers (Top Female Twitch Streamers)

Carolina Voltan is one of top Twitch female streamers who has quickly built up a large following after launching in November 2020, mainly streaming Garena Free Fire content. The Brazilian also posts modelling pics on her Instagram account.


  1. AhriNyan – 844k followers (Top Female Twitch Streamers)

Arina Berdnikova is one of top Twitch female streamers who streams lifestyle videos and some League of Legends gameplay to her Russian language followers.


  1. KayPea – 789k followers

Kelsie Pelling is one of top Twitch female streamers who started streaming her League of Legends games while at university. She originally joined Twitch just to have a few people to chat with while she was playing. However, her skills were too good to go unnoticed and was soon offered the opportunity to play professionally in the Netherlands. Soon after graduating, she sold her stuff and made the move, which proved to be the right choice, as it brought her international acclaim.


  1. TinaKitten – 753k followers

Tina is one of top Twitch female streamers who is a South Korean known for her gaming and art streams. She is also an accomplished esports competitor.


  1. Sharishaxd – 745k followers

Sharishaxd is one of top Twitch female streamers who streams lifestyle and Grand Theft auto streams in Russian.


  1. OMGitsfirefoxx – 745k followers

Sonja Reid is a long-time Twitch streamer and podcast host. She was once the most followed female streamer on the platform, but has since focused on other parts of her broadcasting career as well.


  1. annadeniz – 742k followers

Turkey’s top female twitch streamer Anna Deniz Şaylan shares live chat and some Valorant content to her Turkish fans.


  1. RevedTV – 741k followers

Antonia streams mostly Just Chatting and a little Minecraft in German.


  1. QuarterJade – 726k followers

Jodi streams Just Chatting and a variety of gaming videos, including Valorant and League of Legends. In addition to her gaming skills, QuarterJade is also known for her positive, fun outlook on life.


  1. LOUD_Mii – 720k followers

Milena Esquierdo gained popularity through her fashion selfies on Instagram. The Brazilian mainly shares Counter-Strike, Fortnite, and Minecraft content in Portuguese.


  1. AnniTheDuck – 716k followers

Anissa Baddour shares gameplay and cosplay tutorials in German. She has announced that she will soon launch her own merchandise label.


  1. melina – 714k followers

Swedish Melina Goransson mainly shares Just Chatting content in English, focusing on modelling and travel.


  1. kayedae – 708k followers

Kyedae Shymko mainly streams Valorant gameplay. She is also very active on Instagram and YouTube.


  1. miafitz – 703k followers

Gozde Demiral mainly streams mainly League of Legends gameplay in Turkish.


  1. Caprimint – 689k followers

Javiera Paz is a professional League of Legends player. She holds a science and engineering degree and streams gameplay and Just Chatting content in Spanish from her home country of Chile.


  1. tenderlybae – 672k followers

Amina Mirzoeva is a Russian streamer and vlogger.


  1. olyshaa – 658k followers

Olga Sakson mainly streams chats in Russian, with a little bit of gaming action on the side.


  1. DanucD – 655k followers

Dana Dima Gard is a Latvian who streams in English. She is one of the world’s most popular PUBG streamers.


  1. DizzyKitten – 651k followers

Dizzy streams Just Chatting content, as well as PUBG and Apex Legends.


  1. iaaraS2 – 651k followers

Agueda Correa is a prolific Spanish-language content creator who is constantly uploading new material to Twitch, Instagram and TikTok. She is known for her Just Chatting and Fortnite streams on Twitch.


  1. AnneMunition – 644k followers

Anne has been a popular streamer for many years. She mainly streams FPS games and is active on a wide variety of social media platforms.


Top Female Twitch Streamers Continue to Climb


With women continuing to make inroads into the gaming world, there is no doubt that this list will look quite different even one year from now. One the one hand, many of the more established streamers will continue their dominance in new and exciting ways. On the other, excellent content creators continue to enter the Twitch space and it is only a matter of time before they are noticed, and their presence explodes.

New games continue to see the light and a streamer who can predict the next game to go big, and become ace at the game before anyone else will be at a huge advantage. Or someone may even find new ways of going big on Twitch outside of gaming.

What is also excellent to see is how different all the creators on this list are. Each one is forging her own path and doing things in their own particular way. And this is perhaps the best lesson for any new creator on the platform: if you want to get noticed, you have to stick to your own unique authenticity.






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